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Title: Study of Different Alternatives for Dynamic Simulation of a Steam Generator Using MATLAB
Authors: Alvarez, Cristhian
Espinel Blanco, Edwin
Noriega Sanchez, Carlos Javier
Keywords: generador de vapor, modelo matemático, tambor, tubo de subida, bajista
Issue Date: 29-Apr-2021
Publisher: Diego Angeli and V’yacheslav Akkerman
Citation: : Álvarez, C.; Espinel, E.; Noriega, C.J. Study of Different Alternatives for Dynamic Simulation of a Steam Generator Using MATLAB. Fluids 2021, 6, 175. 10.3390/fluids6050175
Series/Report no.: GITYD;ART116
Abstract: This work presents the simulation of a steam generator or water-tube boiler through the implementation in MATLAB® for a proposed mathematical model. Mass and energy balances for the three main components of the boiler—the drum, the riser and down-comer tubes—are presented. Three alternative solutions to the ordinary differential equation (ODE) were studied, based on Runge– Kutta 4th order method, Heun’s method, and MATLAB function Ode45. The best results were obtained using MATLAB® function Ode45 based on the Runge–Kutta 4th Order Method. The error was less than 5% for the simulation of the steam pressure in the drum, the total volume of water in the boiler, and the mixture quality in relation to what was reported.
ISSN: ISSN:2311-5521
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