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Title: Addendum to Dielectric Constant of Mixtures of Carbon Dioxide and n-Dodecane Between 283 K and 343 K
Authors: C Sedrez, Paulo
Noriega Sanchez, Carlos Javier
Barbosa Jr, Jader R
Keywords: Carbon dioxide, Correlation, Density, Dielectric constant, n-Dodecane, Solubility
Issue Date: 17-Jan-2020
Publisher: Markos (Marc) Assael
Citation: Sedrez, Paulo & Sanchez, Carlos & Da Silva, Marco & Barbosa Jr, Jader. (2020). Addendum to “Dielectric Constant of Mixtures of Carbon dioxide and n-Dodecane Between 283 K and 343 K, Int. J. Thermophysics 41, 26, 2020”: Complementary Results for Mixtures of Carbon dioxide and Squalane Between 283 K and 343 K. International Journal of Thermophysics. 41. 10.1007/s10765-020-02640-9.
Series/Report no.: GITYD;ART 105
Abstract: The dielectric constant (relative permittivity) of mixtures of carbon dioxide (CO2) and n-dodecane (n-C12H26) was experimentally determined for temperatures between 283 K and 343 K in a purpose-built apparatus which enabled simultaneous measurements of relative permittivity and liquid-phase mass density. A flat response of the dielectric constant with respect to frequency was observed between 1 kHz and 400 kHz. The mixture dielectric constant was found to be inversely proportional to the temperature and to the CO2 concentration in the liquid mixture. The departure from the relative permittivity ideal mixture behavior (calculated using the classical Böttcher mixing rule) was correlated via a first-order Redlich-Kister volume fraction expansion with a temperature dependent parameter. The RMS deviation of this method was 0.37 %. The liquid-phase mass density was predicted by the PCP-SAFT equation of state with a RMS deviation of 0.26 %.
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