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Title: Evolution of ubiquitous computing
Authors: Velasquez Perez, Torcoroma
Camargo Perez, Jesus
Rodriguez Chinchilla, Melisa
Keywords: Evolution, ubiquitous, computing
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2020
Publisher: Ely Dannier
Citation: Pérez, Torcoroma & Camargo, Jesus & Rodríguez-Chinchilla, A. (2020). Evolution of ubiquitous computing. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 1587. 012019. 10.1088/1742-6596/1587/1/012019.
Series/Report no.: GITYD;art 99
Abstract: Ubiquitous computing understood as the integration of the machine to man is applied in interactive environments where tools such as mobile devices produce this continuous change. This article presents an analysis on the evolution of the internet of things, based on the research found on the science websites, whose objective was based on knowing in depth the conceptual evolution of the internet of things and the context in which it has developed. It is chosen to use a methodology of science mapping that allowed an analysis of scientific productions through cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling, bibliometrics is a scientific discipline that is based on the search for statistically regular behaviors over time in the different elements related to scientific production. A conglomerate of articles was found that were adjusted to the search equations used in the science website, which within the analysis carried out can be used as a reference for other researchers in their research, which that allows enriching the field of research discussed here, this research is important insofar as it allowed to imply in a greater degree of depth the IoT and its evolution over the years.
ISSN: ISSN:1742-6596
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