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Título : PID Control System Applied to a Hybrid Electric Power Generation System with Hydrogen
Autor : Espinel Blanco, Edwin Edgardo
Flórez Solano, Eder
García León, Ricardo Andrés
Palabras clave : Demand control; Fuel cell; Hybrid energy systems; Solar energy; Wind power
Fecha de publicación : 1-jun-2020
Editorial : Srinivasan Alavandar
Citación : Blanco, Edwin & Garcia, Gonzalo & Solano, Eder. (2020). PID Control System Applied to a Hybrid Electric Power Generation System with Hydrogen. International Review of Automatic Control. 13. 182-190. 10.15866/ireaco.v13i4.18778.
Citación : GITYD;ART 97
Resumen : In this study, the capacity of two PID controllers (classic and adaptive) is evaluated to maintain the electric power of a Hybrid Electric Power Generation System (HEPGS), which is formed by a wind turbine, a photovoltaic module and a fuel cell. The addition of the fuel cell allows providing mainly the missing energy when fluctuations occur in environmental conditions that significantly reduce wind and/or solar energy. The HEPGS system installed in the Colombian Caribbean region demonstrates that 36 W and 72 W power generation is possible through the photovoltaic module and the wind turbine. Through simulations and analyses carried out in SIMULINK™, it has been found out that the adaptive PID controller shows a better reduction in the disturbance of the electrical parameters of the HEPGS compared to the classic control. This is reflected in the lower deviation of the voltage and current obtained in the HEPGS when the adaptive control is used. The performance analysis of this type of controller allows stabilizing the HEPGS output configuration for domain variations of up to 25%. This guarantees the use of hybrid energy systems to supply an electric power independent of environmental conditions continuously.
URI : http://repositorio.ufpso.edu.co/jspui/handle/123456789/3431
ISSN : ISSN:1974-6067
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