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Título : Temperature acquisition and heat loss on the wall of an intermittent kiln
Autor : Guerrero Goméz, G.
Moreno Gamboa, F.
Vera Duarte, L.E.
Palabras clave : Adquisición, temperatura, pérdida, pared, horno intermitente.
Fecha de publicación : 2020
Editorial : Ely Dannier
Citación : G Guerrero-Goméz et al 2020 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1708 012008
Citación : GITYD;ART87
Resumen : In the research the temperature acquisition was carried out inside and outside the wall an intermittent furnace and the evaluation of the energy loss on the wall during baking process, the first phase begins with the design, programming and implementation of an virtual instrument for data temperature acquisition and generation of temperatures profiles then, heat loss due to conduction on the furnace wall was determined considering one-dimensional heat flow, in radial direction and in a transitory state. The virtual instrument was programmed every 5 minutes and 1596 data were recorded, the input heat supplied to the furnace was 49.2x10! KJ and the energy losses due to the furnace wall were 5.2x10! KJ indicating the 10.57 percent of the supplied energy. Results of research have made it possible to establish trends in the temperature distribution, as well as identify thermal energy entering and leaving the furnace to propose improvements in performance of the furnace that increase its energy efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and gas emissions to the environment avoiding acute respiratory diseases.
URI : http://repositorio.ufpso.edu.co/jspui/handle/123456789/3421
ISSN : 1742-6596
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