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Título : Terrain instability in the Tijuana metropolitan area: Analysis of a failure in the access road to a industrial park
Autor : Oliva Gonzalés, Aldo Onel
Berumen Rodríguez, Marco
Gallardo Amaya, Romel Jesús
Jaramillo, Haidee Yulady
Palabras clave : Inestabilidad del terreno
Fallos del terreno
Factores condicionales
Factores desencadenantes
Fecha de publicación : 1-oct-2019
Editorial : R. Clegg
Citación : Oliva González, A. O., Berumen Rodríguez, M. A., Gallardo Amaya, R. J., & Jaramillo, H. Y. (2019). Terrain instability in the Tijuana metropolitan area: Analysis of a failure in the access road to a industrial park. Engineering Failure Analysis, 104, 354–370. doi:10.1016/j.engfailanal.2019.05.040 
Citación : GIGMA;ART25
Resumen : This article analyzes the main causes of terrain instability in the urban area of the Tijuana city, Mexico, and describes its main conditioning and triggering factors. We present the case of a fault that occurred in the access road of an industrial park and the study carried out to investigate its causes, which included two stages: in the first, the main pathologies in the fault zone were identified, a terrain geotechnical characterization was made, and hypotheses were analyzed about the probable mechanism of the failure; and in the second, the analysis of the terrain stability and deformability was carried out by means of computer simulations that allowed to evaluate the influence of different conditioning and triggering factors of the event. The analysis of the causes of the terrain instability and the study of the presented case, allowed to issue conclusions on the natural and anthropic factors that most influence the occurrence of faults, and to give recommendations related to the design and construction of roads in urban areas.
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ISSN : 1350-6307
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