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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11-26Analysis of the mechanical characteristics in mortar mixtures with the incorporation of corn leaf fibersJaramillo, Haidee Yulady; Gallardo, Romel J.; Gómez, July Andrea
2020Analysis of the mechanical properties in cement blocks with plastic incorporation, reinforced with polystyrene coated in galvanized hexagonal meshJaramillo, Haidee Yulady; Regino, Fernando Jesús; Gómez, July Andrea
2020-07Development of a robust control strategy for the current loop of an AC / DC Boost Bridgeless converter using a GPI observerRegino Ubarnes, Fernando Jesús; Gómez, July Andrea; Jaramillo, Haidee Yulady
2019-01-01Landslide risk assessment in slopes and hillsides. Methodology and application in a real caseOliva Gonzalés, Aldo Onel; Gallardo Amaya, Romel Jesús; Ruiz Pozo, Alex Fernando; Jaramillo, Haidee Yulady
2020-12-05Leakage diagnosis through experimental modeling and simulationGoméz, July Andrea; Jaramillo, Haidee Yulady; Guevara, W.
2020-12-05Physical analysis of building materials with soilJaramillo, Haidee Yulady; Goméz, July Andrea; Martínez, C.A
2020-10Physical, chemical and thermal characterization of a Colombian clay; García León, Ricardo Andrés; Goméz, July Andrea; Jaramillo, Haidee Yulady
2020-11-30System to monitor and locate water leaks using LabVIEW softwareGoméz, July Andrea; Jaramillo, Haidee Yulady; Nolasco Serna, Christian
2019-10-01Terrain instability in the Tijuana metropolitan area: Analysis of a failure in the access road to a industrial parkOliva Gonzalés, Aldo Onel; Berumen Rodríguez, Marco; Gallardo Amaya, Romel Jesús; Jaramillo, Haidee Yulady