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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-03Numerical methodology for the determination of energy losses in auxiliary systems and friction processes applied to small displacement diesel enginesOrjuela Abril, Sofía; Rojas, Jhan Piero; Flórez., Eder Norberto
2020CFD study of mass flow in Isuzu 4JJ1 injectors using OpenFOAM®Espinel-Blanco, Edwin; Romero Garcia, Gonzalo; Florez-solano, Eder
2020Characterization of the residual heat of potential recovery of the exhaust gases in a small diesel engine using thermoelectric generatorsEspinel Blanco, Edwin; Romero Garcia, Gonzalo; Florez-solano, Eder
2020CFD study of hydrogen generation in an electrolyzer with applications in thermal machinesEspinel-Blanco, Edwin; Romero Garcia, Gonzalo; Florez-solano, Eder
2020-07PID Control System Applied to a Hybrid Electric Power Generation System with HydrogenEspinel-Blanco, Edwin; Romero Garcia, Gonzalo; Florez-solano, Eder
2020Design of a high precision mechanical linear system for the study of the variables involved in the gas metal arc welding processLázaro Plata, J L; Sánchez Rincón, C S; Regino Ubarnes, F J
2020Autonomous Maintenance asaPillar oftotal Productive Maintenance (TPM)in aCeramic PlantMoreno, Gonzalo; Espinel Blanco, Edwin; Florez-solano, Eder
2020-05-05Physical, chemical and thermal characterization of a Colombian clayGarcía-León, R.A.; Gómez-Camperos, J.A.; Jaramillo, H.Y.
2020-10-02Influence of the microstructure of ceramic materials on their thermal expansion and mechanical properties: a reviewSánchez, Carlos; Abril, Carolina; Criado, Juan
2020Mathematical analysis of the dynamic behavior three motorcycle disc brakesGarcía-León, R A; Quintero-Quintero, W; Gomez-Camperos, J A