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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10-06Analysis of a molding machine using methodologies and theories of designGarcía-León, Ricardo Andrés; Rodríguez-Castilla, M; Quintero-Quintero, W
2020-08-01Análisis de los principales mecanismos de fallas en tres frenos de disco automotricesGarcía León, Andrés; Flórez Solano, Eder; Espinel Blanco, Edwin
2020-07-01Failure study as a physical component in mechanical suspensions of two automobile models of an automotive companySerrano Rincón, C.A.; Navarro Torrado, L.; Florez Solano, E.
2020-04-01Mechanical characterization of the AISI 316L alloy exposed to boriding processGarcía Léon, Ricardo Andrés; Martínez Trinidad, José; Campos Silva, Iván; Wong Angel, Wilbert
2020Development of an automated system for the determination of thermal conductivity in granular materialsEspinel Blanco, E.; Arévalo Ruedas, J.H.; Florez Solano, E.
2020Study for the generation of energy by a system with solar panels and batteriesEspinel Blanco, Edwin; Flórez Solano, Eder Norberto; Barbosa Jaimes, Jhon Erickson
2020Development of a Chemical Equilibrium Model of the Downdraft Fixed Bed Gasification Process with known Product Temperature, Using air as an Oxidizing AgentQuintero Coronel, Daniel Andres; Espinel Blanco, Edwin Edgardo; Flórez Solano, Eder Norberto
2020Physical-chemical characterization of a Colombian clayGarcía León, Ricardo Andrés; Eder Flórez Solano, Eder; Quintero Quintero, Wilder
2020-07-01Experimental determination of thermal conductivity as physical property of organic and recyclable materialsPerez Rangel, N.Y.; Arévalo Ruedas, J.H.; Florez Solano, E.
2020Exploitation of chips and scrap aluminum through physical processes for the development of aluminum sheets and barsPerez Rangel, N.Y.; Florez Solano, E.; Hoyos Palacio, L.M.