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Título : Thermal analysis of three motorcycle disc brake
Autor : García León, Ricardo Andrés
Quintero Quintero, Wilder
Rodríguez Castilla, Magda
Palabras clave : FEA, fluidos, velocidad, SolidWorks, frenos, pérdida de calor
Fecha de publicación : 2019
Editorial : Farzad Pour Rahimian
Citación : García-León, Ricardo & Quintero, Wilder & Rodriguez-Castilla, Magda. (2019). Thermal analysis of three motorcycle disc brakes. Smart and Sustainable Built Environment. ahead-of-print. 10.1108/SASBE-07-2019-0098.
Citación : INGAP;ART031
Resumen : Purpose –The braking system on motorcycles is of vital importance, taking into account that its operation isbased on the friction between the surfaces in the contact that are found heat and, therefore, the brake liquid,the thermoelastic deformation on the contact surface, the degradation and failure of the material, as can beattributed to the safety of the occupants. The purpose of this paper is to perform mathematical calculationsregarding the phenomena of the transfer of heat generated in the brake system.Design/methodology/approach –Using SolidWorks simulation software, the geometric model of the threedisc brakes of the different cylinders was carried out to identify the elements with the variations of themaximum temperature, and the verification with the calculations was made under ideal condition (80 Km/hand 12°C).Findings –The results obtained show that with the mathematical calculations it was possible to validate thecorrect functioning of the braking system under different operating conditions, the systems that have highercapacity of displacement generate higher heat loss at higher speed so that their time of cooling according toNewton is major.Originality/value –Through the analysis of finite elements, it was possible to identify that the brakingsystem in severe working conditions is not overheated, assuring a natural convection cooling inapproximately 12 min according to the mathematical calculations made.
URI : http://repositorio.ufpso.edu.co/jspui/handle/123456789/3483
ISSN : 2046-6099
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