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dc.contributor.authorQuintero Coronel, Daniel Andrés
dc.contributor.authorEspinel Blanco, Edwin Edgardo
dc.contributor.authorFlórez Solano, Eder Norberto
dc.coverage.spatialOcaña, Norte de Santanderen_US
dc.identifier.citationD. A. Quintero-Coronel, E. E. Espinel-Blanco, and E. N. Flórez-Solano, “Development of a chemical equilibrium model of the downdraft fixed bed gasification process with known product temperature, using air as an oxidizing agent,” Ing. Univ., vol. 24, 2020.
dc.description.abstractA chemical equilibrium model for known outlet temperature of the products was carried out on a downdraft fixed bed gasifier. Biomass from oil palm kernel is used with proximate and ultimate analysis; the general gasification reaction takes into account the biomass moisture, the reaction products are formed by CH4, H2O, N2, CO, CO2 and H2. The model is described in detail and the equations are solved using the EES software. The model shows the results obtained for temperature ranges from 500 K to 1500 K and 1.0 atm. The model is validated by direct comparison of the gas composition with the results reported in the literature for similar conditions, obtaining favorable results.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipUniversidad Francisco de Paula Santander Ocañaen_US
dc.publisherDiego Alejandro Patiño Guevaraen_US
dc.subjectequilibrio químico, energía de Gibbs, biomasa, gasificador de corriente descendenteen_US
dc.titleDevelopment of a Chemical Equilibrium Model of the Downdraft Fixed Bed Gasification Process with known Product Temperature, Using air as an Oxidizing Agenten_US
dc.title.translatedDesarrollo de un modelo de equilibrio químico del proceso de gasificación de lecho fijo de corriente descendente con temperatura del producto conocida, utilizando aire como agente oxidanteen_US
dc.subject.keywordschemical equilibrium, Gibbs energy, biomass, downdraft gasifieren_US
dc.identifier.instnameinstname:Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander Ocañaspa
dc.identifier.reponamereponame:Repositorio Institucional UFPSO
dc.publisher.facultyFacultad ingenieríasen_US
dc.publisher.grantorUniversidad Francisco de Paula Santander Ocañaspa
dc.rights.creativecommonsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 2.5 Colombia*
dc.type.redcolArtículo de investigación Artículo de divulgación
dc.relation.referencesM. Bassyouni et al., “Date palm waste gasification in downdraft gasifier and simulation using ASPEN HYSYS,” vol. 88, pp. 693–699, 2014en_US
dc.relation.referencesG. García, “Estudio experimental de la cogasificación de fangos de EDAR y carbón con aire en lecho fluidizado,” tesis, Universidad de Zaragoza, España, 2013en_US
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dc.relation.referencesT.H. Jayah, L. Aye, R.J. Fuller, and D.F. Stewart, “Computer simulation of a downdraft wood gasifier for tea drying,” Biomass Bioenergy, vol. 25, no. 4, pp. 459–469, 2003.en_US
dc.relation.referencesA. Khadse, P. Parulekar, P. Aghalayam, and A. Ganesh, “Equilibrium model for biomass gasification.” Proceedings of the 1st National Conference on Advances in Energy Research (AER2006), December 4-5, 2006-ISBN 9780230630062.en_US
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