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Título : Development of a Chemical Equilibrium Model of the Downdraft Fixed Bed Gasification Process with known Product Temperature, Using air as an Oxidizing Agent
Autor : Quintero Coronel, Daniel Andrés
Espinel Blanco, Edwin Edgardo
Flórez Solano, Eder Norberto
Palabras clave : equilibrio químico, energía de Gibbs, biomasa, gasificador de corriente descendente
Fecha de publicación : 24-feb-2020
Editorial : Diego Alejandro Patiño Guevara
Citación : D. A. Quintero-Coronel, E. E. Espinel-Blanco, and E. N. Flórez-Solano, “Development of a chemical equilibrium model of the downdraft fixed bed gasification process with known product temperature, using air as an oxidizing agent,” Ing. Univ., vol. 24, 2020. https://doi.org/10.11144/Javeriana.iyu24.dcem
Citación : GITYD;ART110
Resumen : A chemical equilibrium model for known outlet temperature of the products was carried out on a downdraft fixed bed gasifier. Biomass from oil palm kernel is used with proximate and ultimate analysis; the general gasification reaction takes into account the biomass moisture, the reaction products are formed by CH4, H2O, N2, CO, CO2 and H2. The model is described in detail and the equations are solved using the EES software. The model shows the results obtained for temperature ranges from 500 K to 1500 K and 1.0 atm. The model is validated by direct comparison of the gas composition with the results reported in the literature for similar conditions, obtaining favorable results.
URI : http://repositorio.ufpso.edu.co/jspui/handle/123456789/3444
ISSN : ISSN:2011-2769
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