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Title: Synthesis and mechanical characterization of a non-woven nanofiber by the electrospinning technique
Authors: Sarmiento-Gaviria, Martin Fabián
Escobar-Mora, Nelson
Hoyos-Palacio, Lina Marcela
Espinel-Blanco, Edwin Edgardo
Keywords: : nanoparticlesynthesis; electrospinning; polymer cover; mechanical characterization; nanofiber; non-woven..
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2019
Publisher: Pedro Nel Benjumea Hernández
Citation: Blanco, Edwin & Escobar Mora, Nelson & Hoyos-Palacio, Lina & Sarmiento-Gaviria, Martin. (2019). Synthesis and mechanical characterization of a non-woven nanofiber by the electrospinning technique. DYNA. 86. 64-72.
Series/Report no.: GITYD;ART47
Abstract: A non-woven nanofiber or polymeric cover is synthesized with nylon-6 as the base polymeric material. Different acid relationships (formic/acetic) were tested in the electrospinning equipment, until defining by macroscopic observations and SEM Scanning Electron Microscopy analysis the adequate acid ratio 3:2 and the average diameter of the nanofibers in 350nm, defining the parameters to operate the electrospinning. According to ASTM D 882 standard, the Tensile Strength was calculated for stresses applied horizontally and vertically to the direction of the nanofibers. With the standards ASTM D 7490 and ASTM G-15 the wettability was determined by measuring the contact angle, finding that it has hydrophilic properties with high wettability, adhesiveness and surface energy. Nanostructured polymer covers can be used for biological isolation in health care areas, as a protective barrier to control the spread of infections.
ISSN: ISSN: 1872-6879
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