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Título : Business architecture: A differentiating element in the growth of organizations
Autor : Rosado Gómez, Alveiro Alonso
Gaona Caceres, J L
Palabras clave : Business architecture
Fecha de publicación : 1-jun-2019
Editorial : Ely Dannier
Citación : Caceres, J & Rosado Gomez, Alveiro. (2019). Business architecture: A differentiating element in the growth of organizations. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 1257. 012007.
Citación : GITYD;ART38
Resumen : Companies conceive technology as a way to systematize information and neglect the potential they can have by aligning with their operations to generate a differentiating element that makes them more competitive, being able to respond very quickly to changes and adapt their daily activities to any new reality that threatens its competitive environments. The application of the business architecture allows the technology to be aligned with the organization objectives, improving the agility and performance of its processes, managing the necessary change to adapt to both the environmental and technological changes. This research carried out a literature review on the application of the business architecture, the used frames of reference, the applied tools and the complementary theoretical concepts, based on a type of documentary research, carrying out bibliographic searches in the Association for Computing Machinery, ScienceDirect, Scopus and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers databases using primary sources of information; whose purpose is to show how the implementation of Enterprise Architecture generates a differentiating element within organizations. Among the obtained results, it was found that the most frequent application context is private companies, the used frame of reference is The Open Group Architecture Framework, and the modeling tool of greater use is ArchiMate. This is how Business Architecture improves decision making and optimizes processes in organizations.
URI : http://repositorio.ufpso.edu.co/jspui/handle/123456789/3373
ISSN : ISSN:1742-6596
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