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Title: Number of tests and corresponding error in fatigue of concrete
Authors: Afanador García, Nelson
Ortega, José
Ruiz, Gonzalo
Tarifa, Manuel
Proveda, Elisa
Zhang, Xiaoxin
Evangelista, Francisco
Keywords: Tamaño de la muestra
Error probabilístico
Fatiga del hormigón
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2018
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Ortega, J.J., Ruiz, G., Yu, R.C., Afanador-García, N., Tarifa, M., Poveda, E., Zhang, X., Evangelista, F. Jr., Number of tests and corresponding error in concrete fatigue, International Journal of Fatigue (2018), doi:
Series/Report no.: GITYD;ART31
Abstract: Concrete fatigue presents a probabilistic behavior evidenced by the wide dispersion of cycles until failure under the same conditions. The experimentally adjusted probability distributions have an error in terms of fatigue life that depends on the number of tests. By means of statistical resampling, this relationship has been obtained for the Weibull probabilistic distribution adjusted to a set of 100 tests and with two combinations of additional parameters. Low to high cycle fatigue results help to obtain design fatigue probability curves or the required number of tests for a given allowable error. Its applicability extends to any other phenomenon that follows the Weibull distribution with similar parameters.
ISSN: ISSN:18793452
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