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Título : Permeable polymeric panels made from processed plastic
Autor : Jaramillo, Haidee
Palabras clave : Plástico
Fecha de publicación : 27-jun-2019
Editorial : Ely Dannier
Citación : H Y Jaramillo 2019 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1257 012022
Citación : GIGMA;ART23
Resumen : The construction industry has been constantly looking for new materials and systems that go hand in hand with the technical and economic environmental commitment. Currently, it is easy to find different proposals resulting from the recycling and re-signification of solid waste, as is the case of polymer materials, which form a large part of the city's solid waste, which has generated that little by little the sustainable and environmental issue becomes part of the integral solution of the diverse construction projects.
URI : repourl:https://repositorio.ufpso.edu.co
ISSN : 1742-6596
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