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Title: Traffic accident risk perception among drivers: a latent variable approach
Authors: Guerrero Barbosa, Thomas Edison
Ortuzar, Juan de Dios
Raveau, Sebastián
Keywords: Accidentes de tráfico
Percepción de riesgo
Variables latentes
Modelo híbrido de elección discreta
Issue Date: 3-Mar-2020
Publisher: David Gillingwater
Citation: Thomas E. Guerrero, Juan de Dios Ortuzar & Sebastian Raveau (2020) Percepción del riesgo de accidentes de tránsito entre conductores: un enfoque de variable latente, Planificación y Tecnología del Transporte, 43: 3, 313-324, DOI: 10.1080 / 03081060.2020.1735763
Series/Report no.: CERG;ART09
Abstract: Governments require decision tools to deal with road traffic accidents, a pandemic resulting in millions of deaths around the world. Evidence shows that human factors are one of the major causes of road accidents, and there is much interest in identifying variables that may have an impact on drivers’ perception of risk. To this aim, we design a stated choice experiment with eight hypothetical driving scenarios considering attributes that have been strongly associated with increased accident risks: (i) driving speed, (ii) driving the wrong way in a one-way street, (iii) overtaking on a bend, and (iv) driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Data from a sample of survey respondents are used to estimate a hybrid discrete choice model incorporating two latent variables, Driver Concentration and Safe Driving. Our results may contribute to the design of public policies geared to prevent accidents by encouraging safer driving behaviour.
ISSN: 10290354
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